Local singer proves
music can be inspired 

Cape Cod Magazine June 2007
By Melora B. North
Orleans resident Tim Sweeney has come up with a new CD that is sure to put the public into a nostalgic mood.

Featuring uplifting old favorites such as "Sunny Side of the Street," Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon" and Route 66," New Uke State of Mind is an offering that brings light into the gloom of these troubled times.

The numbers are upbeat, inspiring and just plain fun. Playing the ukulele and performing the vocals, Sweeney is accompanied by Laird Boles on standup bass and the two men mix and jive with abandon.

The CD was recorded just in time for his gig in New York City where he was a featured performer at the New York Uke Fest.

Sweeney was born with music in his blood. His father, a big band singer in Washington, D.C., was always singing and whistling around the house. Formerly a folk/rock guitarist, Sweeney picked up the ukulele just three years ago and was hooked."It was love at first plunk, a magical fit," he says.

Embellishing his interpretations with animated Bing Crosby-style whistling, Sweeney thumps along the strings of his instrument with an inherent comfort and joyful enthusiasm. Clearly he is having fun, which is his intent for listeners who might be interested in taking part in an old-fashioned hootenanny.

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