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Tim Sweeney: Reinvigorating
his music with the ukulele

PRIMETIME Magazine - April 2009
By Kathy Salzberg
Have you ever experienced a satori, the Buddhist term for a life-changing moment of enlightenment? It happened to musician Tim Sweeney in a Hyannis music store in 2003 and oddly enough, it involved a ukulele. That pint-sized instrument popularized by Arthur Godfrey, Don Ho and Tiny Tim might seem an unlikely catalyst for such a life-altering occurrence but if you talk to Tim or better yet, catch him with his uke in concert, you'll come away with a whole new appreciation for this humble instrument that has had several flirtations with fame but in Tim's opinion, never gained the respect it deserves.

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Sweeney uncorks the ukulele
By Sue Harrison
Provincetown Banner, February 6, 2008
You could say musician Tim Sweeney had a personal miracle back in 2003. That’s the year he discovered a new instrument that, after 35 years as a professional musician, filled him with a renewed passion for music.

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The ukulele gets its due
CD Review - Cape Experience
By Joe Burns
When most people think of the ukulele (if, in fact, they think of it at all) visions of Tiny Tim strumming chords to accompany his quivering falsetto come to mind.

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Local singer proves
music can be inspired

Cape Cod Magazine June 2007
By Melora B. North
Orleans resident Tim Sweeney has come up with a new CD that is sure to put the public into a nostalgic mood.

Featuring uplifting old favorites such as "Sunny Side of the Street," Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon" and Route 66," New Uke State of Mind is an offering that brings light into the gloom of these troubled times.

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Cool Cats
The Cape Codder
By Don Wilding

Come see why Tim Sweeney of Orleans is a headliner act for ukulele festivals in New York City and Nova Scotia this year when he brings his Boss Cats (bassist Ed Banks and drummer John Randall) to play at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow this Saturday night.

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