Tim while in NYC for the uke fest.
                                      Photo by Peter Blacksberg

• 2007 New York Uke Fest, New York City
• 2007 Ukulele Ceilidh, Liverpool, Nova Scotia
• 2008 New York Uke Fest, New York City
• 2008 Windy City Uke Fest, Chicago
• 2008 European Ukulele Festival, Germany
• 2009 Paris Uke Fest
• 2009 Nerac Uke Fest
• 2009 Ukulele Ceilidh, Nova Scotia
• 2009 Columbia (MD) Ukulele Festival

Tim Sweeney is a polished, passionate virtuoso performer. He is a multi-instrumentalist, whose purchase of a ukulele and a chord chart in the summer of 2003 was a musical life-changing experience. Quickly discovering the compatability between his voice, the ukulele and the songs of the Great American Songbook, Tim shifted his focus, discovered his passion, and is enjoying an exciting resurgent music career.

In 2008, he was a featured performer at the New York Uke Fest, Chicago's Windy City Uke Fest and the European Ukulele Festival in Gross-Umstadt, Germany.

In the summer 0f 2009 he performed at both the Paris Uke Fest and the Nerac Uke Fest in France. Then in October at the (1st) Columbia (MD) Ukulele Festival with Dan Scanlan. Then the 3rd International Ukulele Ceilidh in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Tim was joined onstage by Chalmers Doane and James Hill!!!

A vocalist first, he is a versatile song stylist that can hold his own singing jazz, swing, folk and rock 'n' roll. In addition to the marvelous songs of the 1930s and 40s, Tim's repertoire includes popular standards of the 50s and 60s, and many songs that he has always wanted to sing, which span decades and musical genres. A charismatic performer, he knows how to engage a crowd and has been slowly adding new original material to the set list.

He released his first ukulele CD, "New Uke State of Mind," (available through this site now using PayPal) in 2007 to excellent reviews (see Reviews). Listen to songs from the CD in Audio. He hopes to have a new CD ready sometime this spring, with new original material that he debuted at the festivals in France and in Nova Scotia.